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    Photography and video shooting are not as easy as you may presume. They require high level expertise; that easily distinguishes a novice from a pro photographer. To be excellent, all that matters is using the best tools and paying keen attention on your end result by designing classic digital backgrounds and photoshop templates. This exercise however, takes long and requires patience. In this article, we will take a look at chromakey backgrounds and how effective they are in photo/video shoots.

    These customized chromakey backgrounds play a great role in stream lining productivity in your photography by offering various designs to your customers. I will not be biased if I conclude that these backgrounds add vibrancy and color to digital backgrounds because they rhyme well with blue and green screen modes of photography making them a must add to any studio.

    So what entails chromakey technology? Chroma keying involves combining frames/images. Their color is carefully interchanged in one frame from the other. This interchange varies the background making it appear very classy. This process is also referred to as color separation overlay although most people refer to it as the blue/green screen.

    The technology is mainly used in film industries to create various scenes. The editor may initially use a blue/green screen and may later convert that background with computer generated scenes during the post-production period. The aim of the blue/ green initial background is to create a clear distinction between the actor’s complexion and his background thus avoiding color overlay. This makes it easy for the editor to accurately interchange the background without cropping any part of the actor’s body. The outcome of chroma keying is that the actor is made to look as if he is acting from a different scene far away from the studio. The skill may also be applied in photo shoots.

    Why should you use this technology? First, it is cheaper since it saves you the cost of shooting in expensive scenes. Secondly, chroma keying can be done in real time, making it the best to shoot most entertainment shows.

    These great specs among others make chromakey backgrounds the most preferred by video editors and photographers across the globe. They are the best when it comes to quality delivery.

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