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    Digital backgrounds are digital images that are used in various ways with third-party software to produce fantastic image effects. They can also be referred to as digital overlays, digital textures, digital papers or digital backdrops. digital backgrounds can be found in various themes some of which are:

    • 1. Holiday themes
    • 2. Studio replications
    • 3. Outstanding themes
    • 4. Textures
    To mention but a few.

    These are just some of the common uses of digital backdrops in current digital photography.

    1. They are used to replace the backgrounds of digital photos.
    Digital backdrops are used change the background of a digital photo whereby the desired digital background replaces the original background of the digital photo. For instance, a photo shot in a room can be made to appear as shot from a different scene like a forest by removing the background of the room and replacing it with the digital background of a forest. 2. They are used to create wonderful effects of digital images and photo borders. One can use the digital backgrounds as layers and modify their blending modes in Photoshop.

    Benefits of digital backgrounds are:
    1. They are very economical especially to professional studio photographers digital backgrounds can replace the many muslin backgrounds and are very economical compared to the studio scenery.
    2.They offer a very diverse range of options. for instance, it solves the problem of distance. a client can be miles away form a particular scene,lets say a park. The backdrops will create the park scenery even from a photo taken in a busy market.
    Using the appropriate software of photo editing, one can digitally remove the background of a digital photo shot with a digital camera. Green screens or white chroma are not necessary when one is using digital backgrounds. However, most professional photographers replace the solid color backgrounds with green screens or white/grey backdrops.

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