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    ““ ““ tip

    Green screen backgrounds are essential since the background in an image usually reveals the photographer’s skill level. Having creative features in the background distinguishes one from a beginner, or a hobbyist photographer to an accomplished expert. At times, the difference between a strong, fascinating image and a snapshot is having an ideal background.

    One can buy an already made green screen which has to be uniform both in shade and color, despite which color one is using. A wall, evenly lit and painted as well as a table cloth can make an inexpensive screen. A green background is ideal for images with blue eyes or when an image is of trees or a park. This is important in order to minimize and hide the effect of the edges appearing due to unevenly or non-uniform lit screens. Software is available to help photographers get the best out of a green screen background.

    • All of our digital backdrops are 2400x3000 in size
    • 300 DPI (for superior printing quality)

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