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  • Blue studio backgrounds
  • Brown studio backgrounds
  • Dark studio backgrounds
  • Green studio backgrounds
  • Mix backgrounds
  • Multi colour backgrounds
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  • Purple studio backgrounds
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  • Soft studio backgrounds
  • Green digital backgrounds

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    Virtual backgrounds are created using projector technology as opposed to the physical backgrounds used earlier. In order to get the desired backgrounds, professional photographers have always resorted to photo shop, but this was a tedious and time consuming process.

    Digital backgrounds hence came as a big break to photography profession. The background is made up of a projector attached to the camera and a background screen with reflective properties. This screen can be transformed to create the desired backgrounds depending on the photography theme. The projector projects the background and the photographer is able to capture it together with the subject. Once the photo has been taken, no editing is needed and the same shots can be taken later on since the backgrounds are saved. S ince the projector is attached to the camera, the photographer is able to control the background without making trips to the platform. Virtual backgrounds are the best thing that has ever happened in photography.

    • All of our digital backdrops are 2400x3000 in size
    • 300 DPI (for superior printing quality)

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