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    Have you ever taken a photograph of yourself and wanted to replace the background with something more exciting? With digital backgrounds, you can replace any photographic background with a completely different image. Your face or body can be separated from the initial background - which could be an ordinary location like your living room or work. Then, with the right software, it can be reimposed seamlessly onto completely different digital backgrounds.

    This kind of technique is particularly useful for professional photographers who want to cut back on the cost of equipment such as green screens (or shooting on location) but it is just as useful for amateurs. Create unique gift cards using digital backgrounds like palm-fringed tropical beaches, national monuments or even the surface of the moon. With this technology, your imagination can create whatever image you desire.

    Digital backdrops has been made possible by modern software packages, which allow users to employ blending and layering techniques to make their images look as professional as possible. Using layered background templates, your image can be lifted from its original location and then added as a fresh layer above any number of digital backgrounds. These backgrounds have also been specifically created to be used with commonly used graphics manipulation packages such as Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop, meaning that anyone can give them a try.

    Digital backdrops are a great tool for amateur or professional photographers. For photography businesses, they provide far more flexibility when offering their services to clients. With a wide range of possible backdrops, clients can choose their ideal backgrounds for baby photos, family ensembles and professional portfolios. The finished images can then be sent to photography labs or printed in your own studio, making the process even more affordable. Whether you want incredible family pictures or want a new sales angle for your photography business, digital backgrounds are a great idea.

    • All of our digital backdrops are 2400x3000 in size
    • 300 DPI (for superior printing quality)

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