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    Different types of digital backgrounds are frequently used by a lot of people, especially if they need it in their profession. Usually photographers are fond of making them, but usual people can also be fond of using beautiful backgrounds. There are plenty of examples of these backdrops, and for each case people use different of them.

    For example, one of the most widespread and popular can be named green screen backgrounds. They can be described as a digital picture, which you use on the background of your photo or picture instead of the unique one. Green screen as a background can be used if you want to make an impression of a photo, made somewhere in the forest, field or whatever. Though there are simple green backgrounds, without any ornament on them. It looks like a simple green layer. It can be rather useful in many occasions. Only photographer can decide, why does he need particularly this background. It can help to make a special effect, to make the picture more bright or whatever.

    Green layers must be carefully chosen. It may seem a bit strange, but it is the reality. Non-professional may choose a wrong color, that is why this work must be given to a professional photographer. The thing is that green color has a lot of shades. According to the aim, you need to achieve, you need to chose some particular shade. If you want to reach some particular effect on the picture, the combination of light and shade will play the lead role. Wrong shade may spoil the picture at all.

    You see that green screen backgrounds are really helpful and can create a special effect, which other backdrops cannot do. Work with it carefully, remember about choosing the right shade and you will get a brilliant result!

    • All of our digital backdrops are 2400x3000 in size
    • 300 DPI (for superior printing quality)

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